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The office

Founded in Basel in 1991, Luca Selva Architects is directed by Luca Selva with Roger Braccini and David Gschwind as executive partners. Luca Selva Architects approaches each commission responsively, fundamentally, and as a team, with the aim of finding the most precise solutions to the respective concerns being investigated. Seeking the essential condenses into an architectural leitmotif, which is further concentrated to reach a perfectly fitting response, convincing over the long term through its simplicity and economic efficiency: A solution that takes equal account of material and immaterial values. Accordingly, the firm handles all building tasks, offering a broad spectrum of services from preliminary design to billing, and takes the greatest care in ensuring quality construction, materialization, and realization. Specialties include housing, urban studies as well as public buildings and re-use/renovations.

Luca Selva’s successful breakthrough into the field in 1996 is marked by the Kaltenbrunnen School (with Jean-Pierre Wymann) in Basel. Other selected major milestones include: the residential Bäumlihof Duplex in Riehen (2001) and award-winning Multigenerational House in Binningen (2013), representing single-family housing with special spatial programming; Youngster Campus FC Basel (2013), which has been acknowledged internationally; Densa Park Residential Complex in Basel (2011) and Linth-Escher Cooperative Apartments in Zurich-Oerlikon (2014), which represent key works in the firm’s development of larger residential projects, which is currently being continued in a planning endeavor in a historic landmark industrial district in Cologne; and, Erlenmatt Primary School, which will be completed by 2017.

Range of works

residential buildings; health care facilities; sports facilities; educational buildings; competitions; urban planning studies; and further areas…

Selected clients

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd; Canton Basel-City; Canton Basel-Land; Pirelli Société Générale; Pensionskasse Basel-Stadt [Pension Fund Canton Basel-City] (PKBS); Basellandschaftliche Pensionskasse [Pension Fund Canton Basel-Land] (BLPK); Roman Catholic Church of Basel-City; numerous private clients; Densa Immobilien AG Basel; Wohngenossenschaft Hegenheimerstrasse Basel; Wohngenossenschaft Linth-Escher Oerlikon

Association memberships

SIA Swiss Institute of Architects and Engineers BSA Bund Schweizer Architekten [Federation of Swiss Architects] Register A der Architekten

Legal form of business

1991–2000 sole proprietorship based in Basel as of 2001 joint stock corporation based in Basel

Current employees (in order of employment)

Luca Selva, David Gschwind, Roger Braccini, Alex Pipoz, Sonja Christen, Véronique Caviezel, Lukas Schirmann, Daniela Osswald, Dominic Röthlisberger, Anic Aklin, Dario Albertini, Nils Leuenberger, Katarzyna Zaluska, Kora Balmer, Yannik Keller, Lucas Steger, Vanessa Steinmitz, Héloïse Mathey-Doret, Lisa Lais, Veronica Hirtz, Nicole Lehner, Kelvin Trummer, Mario Wunderlin, Geraldine Meyer, Riccardo Amarri, Cristina Fiestas, Benedetta Agnello, Fabiola Pineda Zenteno, Larissa Silva Lopes

Former employees

Claudia Agné, Roman Albertini, Cecilia Ambrois, Barbara Andres, Alexandra Bair, Lukas Baumann, Jonathan Benhamu, Anouk Benon, Lara Bessard, Julia Borbely, Frederic Borruat, Jako Boser, Michèle Brand, Gabriel Brodmann, Sabine Bruinink, Melanie Camenzind, Giovanna Coviello, Evelyne Culcay, Thomas Dimov, Daria Domagala, Matteo Domeniconi, Gatienne Dubois, Beat Egli, Colette Fähndrich, Sebastian Fatmann, Massimo Ferrari, Hanna Fluck, Balàsz Földvary, Katinka Förster, Fabian Früh, Federica Garabelli, Stefanie Gaube, Annabelle Gawaz, Kaja Gebremariam, Olivia Gerber, Lisa Gerlach, Dora De Giacomo, Irené Giubbini, Veronica-Maria Giurcaneanu, Sibylle Glanzmann, Lucia Rabanal Gonzàlez, Hans Gritsch, Philippe Guillod, Stefan Haal, Jonas Häring, Samuel Henzen, Swantje Hiss, Lydra Hoxha, Cella Hubel, Katarina Hubeny, Marius Hügli, Corinne Huwyler, Nicole Kappeler, Judith Kappes, Sonja Keller, Kristina Krämer, Nadja Kobzev, Vanessa Kuc, Kathrin Kunz, Petra Kupferschmid, Henriette Laval, Meike Lavan, Eliane Lehmann, Malin Lindholm, Alexis Luc, Stefan Maier, Andrea Marini, Mattia Mariotto, Barbara Michalska, Carlo Molteni, Matthias Monn, Raphaël Oehler, Tobias Oser, Hugo Pachoud, Adela Pancencu, Yannick Perroud, Joachim Pfeffinger, Diana Pfister, Isabelle Plattner, Adela Pancencu, Sabine Poeschk, Lucrezia Rapillo, Céline Reber, Horst Reher, Edoardo Reverberi, Sina Ringeisen, Jan Rösch, Christoph Rothenhöfer, Flavio Rutz, Andrea Rüegg, Céline Ryffel, Christine Sander, Reinis Salins, Camila Saldarriaga Restrepo, Armin Schärer, Tanja Schmid, Jannis Schröder, Martin Schröder, Rémy Schuster, Corinne Schweizer, Stefan Segessenmann, Andrea Selva, Chiara Selva, Gian Andrea Serena, Pauline Siegemund, Rebecca Silva, Laia Solé, Marie-Annick Staehelin, Leoni Stauf, Chris Stephan, Irene Studer, Agata Suchcicka, Guilia Tomaselli, Célia Uruty, Katrin Urwyler, Sigrid Vierzigmann, Nadja Vitt, Florina Vollmeier, Petra Waldburger, Romy Weber, Serafina Wojciechowska, Simon Wunderle